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Bringing a Global Perspective to Sustainability, Education and Citizenship

“Bringing a Global Perspective to Sustainability, Education and Citizenship”

The Sus Bus Initiative:

What is a SusBus?
A SusBus is a Community Outreach for  Sustainability Bus that helps educate people of all ages on more sustainable options for their home, community, and the world.  Visualize it as kind of a "Mobile Education Center" sponsored by local green businesses and eco-friendly groups whose messaging can be displayed on the outside of the bus, and provide staff and exhibits for the interior and exterior.

In 2009, the Global View Foundation, the EarthSeeds Network, and local partners launched the first SusBus in Colorado Springs.  In its first field season SUS BUS I reached over 30,000 people at 17 events in the Pikes Peak Region.  With a mission to facilitate the creation of a fleet of buses across the country, and then the world, we are happy to offer community groups advice, materials, and even complete kits for creating and launching a SUS BUS of their own

Denver SusBus 2010:
The Greater Denver area will soon have a SusBus of their own.  SusBus II, launching in April 2010, will be a collaboration between a large number of community groups and organizations.   Moving quickly though the organizing phase with a core team of motivated members,  we are currently moving forward on bus creation, messaging and further partnership development.  If you are interested in "Getting on the Bus" or supporting the Denver SusBus, email or use the donation link below.  

Outreach Schedules and Opportunities for SusBus I (Colorado Springs ) starting in April 2010
Volunteer Events to Help Paint, Restore and Buid Exhibits for SusBus II in Denver!

  Support the SusBus Initiative at

Inform, Inspire, Integrate and Involve: 
A SusBus is designed to be self-sustaining through marketing, exhibit sponsorships, donations and community support.  Inside and outside the bus are a wide ranging collection of exhibits and interactive displays designed for all ages.  These exhibits are designed and created by the community, tailored to fit regional needs, and represent the interests and passions of the people and groups involved.  SusBus I has alternative energy and efficiency exhibits, fuel system and biodiesel exhibits, composting and home-gardening demos, a volunteer-connections board, a display of simple actions for sustainability and water conservation, and coming soon a 'Local Heroes' exhibit showcasing the stellar work of local homeowners and organizers.  

Not a New Idea, But a Good One:
There are a lot of other groups using the "mobile platform" concept with great success.  It is not a new idea, but is truly a good one!  These buses have access to areas, events and people that are usually out of reach to traditional outreach

What is the agenda and politics of a SusBus?
Politics are not allowed on a SUS BUS. We are committed to being mainstream and do not promote any set agendas or candidates. We endorse a "NEITHER LEFT NOR RIGHT ----> BUT FORWARD!" approach. We intend to Build Bridges - Not Walls. We exist to Unify and Educate not to Polarize or Agitate. We don't Preach - we Teach. We stimulate discussions and let people connect the dots and draw their own conclusions. 

Check out the SUSBUS Article on EarthEasy's Blog (January 2010)

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