The Global View Foundation
Bringing a Global Perspective to Sustainability, Education and Citizenship

“Bringing a Global Perspective to Sustainability, Education and Citizenship”

The Global View Foundation is a globally focused 501-C3 Nonprofit Based in Colorado Springs, CO

Welcome to the Global View Foundation

The Global View Foundation is focused on funding and coordinating locally-based education and outreach efforts that will inspire and facilitate the world-community’s transition towards sustainability

Through our efforts we strive to embody the "Think Globally-Act Locally" paradigm by providing small, locally-focused non-profits and schools with small grants and short-term loans to help implement programs that will directly impact their community.  Inherent in all of these programs are sharing the inspiring images of the Earth from space in all their forms, promoting the perspective of a boundary-free, interconnected and interdependent Earth System, as well as encouraging all people to embrace the view that they are world-citizens or Crewmembers of Spaceship Earth. 

We believe a Global View is critical to understanding our
communities, ourselves and  our actions as we move forward in this time of inspiring change.

The EarthSeeds Network, our primary partner for education and outreach, is a global network of community organizers and activists promoting the Global View.  Visit their website for information on becoming an EarthSeeds Ambassador in your Community.

      "The Earth is the only home for life in our Solar System, and perhaps the Universe. 
              We must take care of our Spaceship Earth and our fellow crewmembers"
Astronaut James B, Irwin, Apollo 15.


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